Sunday, October 25, 2009

im blessed


I was watching a episode of True Life and this girl was 21 and taking care of all her sisters and raising her son cuz her mother killed herself. Before school started she took them to GOOD WILL with only 95 DOLLARS to spend on ALL 3 of them and she told them she needed the to get as much as possible for less and i realized how blessed i am, thats not even all my clothes just a load i washed and im constantly swearing i have nothing to wear and that i always need new things after watching that I've learned to appreciate what i have and cant have. I have plenty of clothes that alot of ppl arent lucky enuff to have. It may not change over night but im growing and learning to appreciate everything i have and get cuz one day it could all be taken away..8;=]

Saturday, October 17, 2009


My Grandma is the STRONGEST person i know she been thru soo much in her 55 years of life, In 2006 my grandma was diagnosed with cancer and was told she only had 6 months, BUT she fought it for 2 YEARS 8;=] and we lost her in March 2008. Never once did she complain or question God, She kept a smile a on her face thru all the pain. I always think about how she ALWAYS got the same color pink [Fushia] on her nails and wore the same color lipstick lol how she always made sure we got what we wanted and how happy she'd be when i'd stay over her house how special i felt when she called me " Boo Boo" LOL, I feel like apart of me left with her. This was the first death experience for me and i honestly didnt think i'd EVER smile again without her i mean i could i'd never get to see her again. I notice how angry i get when i hear ppl talk about there Grandma's or when i see ppl disrepecting the Grandmothers cuz i dnt have mine and i feel that if you have yours you shud cherish Her cuz idont have mine i'd give anything to have a last conversation wit my grandma, Life is hard without her, I still feel like i NEED her here but i know i have to let go BUT i'll never forget this wonderful strong woman